If Undertaker retires, who will be the next big superstar of WWE in place of his aura?
Image Source: Hindustan Times

After the retirement of the legendary Undertaker, who could be the next superstar? Maybe WWE has found one. The 53-year-old Undertaker has been a true superstar and has performed classically. Young fans were also afraid of him. Following his retirement, questions will arise about his replacement, and this doubt now seems obvious.

However the superstar has been erratic in the ring at times and his performance has declined over the years.

Bray Wyatt, The Fiend

After returning from injury, Wyatt has captured universal imagination with his “Find” look. He has always been a worthy candidate as a replacement for The Undertaker. But WWE has always considered him a man who made promises but failed to keep it. Wyatt Finn made his debut in the Summer Slam against Balor. His performance surprised the audience.

With his sensational appearance and dumbstruck entry, he is left behind by many other wrestlers. Bray has also been brilliant in his firefly fields, but his “friend” personality is beyond expectations. If the process continues like this and he keeps mesmerizing the audience with his terrifying outburst then the replacement of the legendary Undertaker is definitely in the right hands.

We need to see that this is not a failed attempt like the ‘Backwoods cult leader’ who lost The Undertaker to a wrestling frenzy.

What Are The People Saying?

Earlier Ryan Satin shared a twit which read, “Bray Wyatt from What I Heard Was Not Shown on WWE TV This Week” on the follow-up to the first film in “FIND” Summer Slam. Because they want his character to be special and for it Looks like you will never know when he is going to strike again.

Let’s just watch with patience if Wyatt would expect “NEXT UNDERTAKER.”

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