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In the recent news of an allegedly abusive relationship with Hayden Panettiere Brian Hickerson, the actress was seen holding hands with her brother, Jacques, for a walk in New York City. Nashville alumna, 30, smiled as she went on hold on September 4 at the hands of Jac.

“Hayden and Zac are friends and have been for a while,” a close source said. The source also confirmed that Panettiere and Brian Hickerson broke up and have not been told for some time since Justice issued a protective order against her in May.

Brian Hickerson and Panettiere started dating after reports were ongoing that she and then-fiancE limit Klitschko had separated from him in August 2018. Wladimir, 43, and Panettiere share daughter, Kaya, 4, who lives in Ukraine with her father, since their split.

Although the relationship between Hickerson and Panettiere began as a toss, it was quickly “interrogated by those close to the hero alumna,” mainly after the pair allegedly engaged in an alcoholic dispute with Hickerson’s father What happened to them was a visit from the police. After that, Hickerson was arrested on domestic violence charges and released on bail in May.

Brian Hickerson
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According to the criminal complaint, prosecutors confirmed Hickerson “intentionally ended up in a painful condition on Hayden Panettiere with bodily injury.”

Hickerson was charged on May 23 with one count of felony domestic violence and the charge that he was not guilty of the cost, confirmed a spokesman for the LA County District Attorney’s Office.

In court, Hickerson, as a senior Los Angeles judge, listened to statements from a police officer who responded to a domestic violence call on May 2. During the hearing, the judge rejected the motion to dismiss the criminal charges against Hickerson and refused to consider the lesser criminal charges.

If the alleged allegations are true, Hickerson could face up to four years in prison.

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