Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World: The light pillar has been used mainly by humans for centuries, warned ships of dangerous parts of the coastline. Here is a list of the ten most prominent pillar columns in the world and is composed of a wide variety of structure types, coming from around the world.

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

10. Mulantou Lighthouse

This light pillar stands 72m (237 feet) long, making it the largest in China. Located in Hainan province and built in 1995, this light pillar entrance guard for the Qiongzhou Strait and attached a large observation room.

9. Lesnoy Mole Rear Range Light

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

This is an active lighting column and the longest in Russia. It is exclusively located in a dockyard on the coast in St. Petersburg and is 73m (239 feet) long and it is also the highest class light on the planet.

8. Phare de Gatteville

This lighthouse is located in the lower Normandy area of ​​France, near Gatteville-le-Nahr. It was initially built in the 18th century in response to many ships in this area and 75 m (247 feet long).

7. Lighthouse of Genoa

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

This Genoa is the central pillar of a symbol of the city, and it is one of several milestone structures. It is made of 76m (249 feet) long and made of stone and has been erected in one place since 1543, making it one of the oldest in the world.

6. Île Vierge Lighthouse

Île Vierge is the largest lighthouse in Europe in France. Less than 82.5 meters (271 feet), it is made of granite blocks, the nearby light pillar, which is still one of the most significant traditional lighting pillars in the world and one of the popular tourist attractions in this area of ​​France, the dwarf.

5. Statue of Liberty

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

This icon of the United States is located in New York and congratulated millions of immigrants in the country. It is constructed from steel and iron, and in the middle of 1880, there was a gift from the people of France for the United States and 93m stands (305 feet) high.

4. Palacios Barolo

This landmark of Buenos Aires is a national monument, and Dante’s divine comedy inspired its design. It is 100 meters (330 feet) high – 1 meter for each scar of the Dante epic and the top can be seen from light Uruguay standing.

3. Yokohama Marine Tower

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

This tower is located in Yokohama, Japan and was inaugurated in 1961. It stands 106 meters high (348 feet) and is made of steel. This is an observation deck which visitors can see from Mount Fuji on a clear day.

2. Perry Memorial Monument

This monument was completed in 1915 in Dale-Bay in Ohio and was completed. This was fought in the Battle of Leyra in 1812 and was made to celebrate peace between America, Canada, and Britain. It is the largest in North America and stands 107m (352 feet) high and is constructed from granite.

1. Jeddah Light

Tallest Natural Lighthouse pillars In The World

Jeddah Prakash is located in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and is the largest light tower and has an active lighting pillar. It is 133m (436 feet) long and was finally constructed on the entrance to the Jeddah port entrance north of the outer jetty.

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