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THE ANNOUNCEMENT: Robert Downey, Jr. The famous Hollywood actor who has become a raging sensation over the years with his outstanding screen presence as ‘Iron Man’ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe films of the Iron Man series and Avengers series has gotten himself in trouble lately. The 54-year-old actor recently came out publicly to inform his fans about the hacking of his Instagram account. Although now restored, the panic button is already pushed when Robert Downey Jr.’s Instagram account began uploading funny photos and posts about Amazon gift cards, advertisements for iPhones, and marketing PlayStation products.

THE POST THAT WAS UPLOADED TO CLARIFY: Robert Downey Jr. told his fans about the cyber accident that happened to him. Robert Downey Jr. has issued a notice to supporters in which he cannot be seen requesting fans to follow the clues given in his latest Instagram post and to stay clear of these posts, for the time being. He ended his message to his fans by signing with ‘Love You 3000’ in his distinctive style. Robert Downey Jr. recently uploaded the post about explanations and information on his Twitter handle.

Actor Robert Downey Jr’s Instagram account was hacked, the actor confirmed after fans noticed suspicious giveaways for iPhones and Teslas on his account.
Image Source: Hindustan Times

EVERYTHING UNDER CONTROL NOW: On Saturday, Robert Downey Jr. officially announced that the Instagram account in his name which was cut a few days ago had been restored and he is in full control of the account proceedings. He gave the caption of a post saying that ‘We are back’ with the words ‘Pardon My Interruption’. The picture was of the villain in the superstar’s incredibly hit film “Avengers: Age of Ultron” with the title as stated above. With everything returning to its original state of affairs, the actor and his fans have again established their connect through the social media website and Instagram’s app.

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