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TOM CRUISE IS BACK: Tom Cruise is one of the most notable actors in the American film industry. He has given many hits in his illustrious career. The superstar has had highs and lows in his long career, but his performances have continued to spell on screen. Tom Cruise is best known for the “Mission Impossible” franchise films which have been a rage since the release of the first version of the film. The next version of Mission Impossible is already in the pipeline. Just like any other Tom Cruise starter, the hype around the next Mission Impossible instalment is tremendous.

THE CAST: The makers of the next Mission Impossible have recently announced that the film will go on floors soon. Amidst these announcements, discussion about artists is already attracting public attention. Writer-director Christopher McQuarrie posted hints about what the first look of the upcoming action thriller looks like. What has been reported of late is that “Avengers: Endgame” star Hayley Atwell will join the cast who portrayed “Peggy Carter” in the famous MCU films. Not an official announcement is indicated, but we are as bright as the confirmation. Christopher McQuarrie, in his post, was seen asking Hayley Atwell whether he accepts the challenge or not, which the actress said- ‘Mission: accepted.

"Avengers" star "Hayley Atwell" Joins "Tom Cruise" in 'Next' Mission: Impossible'' Movie
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THE RELEASE DATE: Fans are making their conclusions, and so are we. Avengers Star Mission will be a valuable addition to the already famous, popular and startup franchise of the Impossible series. Production house Paramount Pictures has announced that the next Mission Impossible film is set to release on July 23 in the year 2021. As far as the artists are concerned, Hayley Atwell does not have the charm to connect with the stars. Biggest star Tom Cruise and famous actress Rebecca Ferguson are confirmed as parts of the cast of this film which is again going to be an action-packed thrill-inspired film.

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