Verdict out! Sony Says The Door's Now Closed For Spider-Man In The MCU
Image Source: News18

The fate of the superhero in the MCU as these few months was gloomy is quite terrible for Spider-Man fans. In the end, the decision is out, and it is quite disappointing for the fans. Sony CEO gave an official statement and said: “The door is closed at the moment.”

It has been a difficult time for fans ever since the Disney-Sony fallout and their share of profit sharing headlines. There was speculation that the two companies were trying to build a consensus on the profit negotiations. But it seems like all expectations are now gone as there is no possible return of Spider-Man in the upcoming Marvel crossover. Speaking to Sony CEO, Tony Vinchikarra ‘Variety’ Entertainment and Technology Summit, revealed some of the details on the issue. He said, “This is a long life,” which has indicated that there may not be a scope in the new future, but in the distant future, the hero may make a comeback. But honestly, the future is hopeless!

Verdict out! Sony CEO Says The Door's Now Closed For Spider-Man In The MCU
Image Source: Broadcasting Cable

Vinciquerra also said that “there is no disease” between the two companies. This decision after the two failed to reach an agreement on their financial terms. Thus, it resulted in Tom Holland scraping-out Spider-Man from future Marvel crossovers or standalone films. Talking to “Variation”, he admitted that he is aware of the current frenzied state of fans, adding that it has been “an interesting couple of weeks” for the studio. He is also being dug into Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige “pulled surprisingly thin” with the new addition of characters coming to the MCU as one of the reasons in this breakdown of arbitration. Revealing some of the plans, the CEO of Sony Pictures stated that they plan to create their universe with a vast array of Spider-Man characters.

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