Hints on Taylor Swift falling in love with Joe Alwyn while She was with Tom Hiddleston in the song Cruel Summer?
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Taylor Swift has rolled her new album, and the Swifties are going crazy. Titled Lover, Taylor has released 18 new songs. With every song he has released, there are surfacing new insights into his three-year-long relationship with Joe Alwyn. The album’s titular song, Boyfriend, spilled the beans on his relationship with the British actor. He too went on a tight spree in his song. However, another song from the album titled Cruel Summer has attracted everyone’s attention. The new song seems to refer to his former flame Tom Huddleston.

Hints on Taylor Swift falling in love with Joe Alwyn while She was with Tom Hiddleston in the song Cruel Summer?
Image Source: People

For unversed, Taylor and Joe Alwyn began dating in the fall of 2016. On her last album, she revealed that she met Joe at Met Gala 2016. At the time, Taylor was dating Calvin Harris. They were seen parting ways and spending that summer with Taylor Huddleston. For the unversed, Taylor and Tom had an extremely public summer affair. The Avengers star and lover singer were seen multiple times together. This included Tom’s appearance at one of Swift’s famous July 4 parties. Photos of Loki actor walking around wearing an I love Taylor Swift tee went viral.

However, his new song now signals that he was thinking about the whole time he was with Huddleston. Several lines from the song indicate that she is talking about it. The most obvious being, – “I’m drunk in the back of a car, and I cried like a kid coming home from the bar, said I’m fine, but it wasn’t true, I keep the secret Just don’t want to keep you, snuck in every night through the garden gate that summer just to seal my fate. ” His song hints that he says he was able to be with Joe for “they kept their relationship a [secret]” through the summer.

If it has not dropped a significant signal, we do not know what is. This is not the first time that She has addressed a relationship with a Marvel actor in his songs. On his last album, he titled one of his songs – “I Did Something Bad.] Meanwhile, Huddleston has chosen to keep his ties under the wrap since his split from TayTay. Talk to the New York Times Whereas, the actor said, “I’m probably in a different way now about my inner world.”] At the time of the breakup, Huddleston said that Taylor is “a wonderful woman. She’s generous and kind and beautiful Is, and we are the best. It was a good time.]

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