Bradley Cooper Is Yet Again Romantically Paired With Angelina Jolie? Rumors Kindle
Image Credit: Jastrzabpost

Cooper’s sights are reportedly on Angelina Jolie. Fans reportedly discovered Cooper and Jolie with their children at Disneyland last month, sparking rumors of a running romance.

Cooper played next to Lady Gaga in “A Star Is Born.” Rumors began circulating on Lady Gaga secretly after the film, but both Cooper and the female singer denied the rumors. With Angelina Jolie still having a tough divorce with Brad Pitt, it now feels like the “Maleficent” actress is ready to give love another chance.

According to a newspaper report published this week, Cooper and Jolie recently enjoyed each other’s company. Another “bread,” Cooper, who only broke up last June with his longtime partner, Irina Shayk, replaced Jolie Pitt.

Although the publication did not describe the conversation between Jolie and Cooper and the beginning of their alleged romance, the report claimed that they went out on August 23 and said that many fans were able to attest. According to the report, Jolie went to Disneyland that day with her four youngest children. He met Cooper, who also brought his two-year-old daughter to the shack.

The report stated that the date had not been set and that Cooper had become closer to following Jolie to the ideal theme park. The publication also published pictures of Cooper and Jolie at Disneyland to show that both of them were there on August 23.

Although indeed, Jolie and Cooper are currently single, it is not true that they have recently seen each other. Right now, both Cooper and Jolie are busy with their careers, with Bradley Cooper preparing the next biopic for Leonard Bernstein and Jolie for his first MCU film “Infinite.”

Cooper and Jolie had a date with their children at Disneyland last month. The publication spoke to a source near Jolie, and described the newspaper’s report as the source “total nonsense.”

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