After 11 years, Father Jamie Spears is no longer Britney's conservator
Image Credit: People

Jamie Spears, father of pop star Britney Spears, has been temporarily replaced as her daughter’s mentor – a move that came at her request.

Jodie Montgomery, who has been Brittany’s longtime care manager, was awarded the same rights Jamie Spears held on Monday, according to La Superior court documents.

She will serve as conservator through the end of January, dealing with legal and medical oversight for the singer. Montgomery will also have a say on who can travel and who can serve as a security guard. However, she is only the guardian of Britney Spears herself, not the pop star’s property, the documents said.

On Friday, Jamie Spears requested an immediate prior partial appointment of a temporary custodian for her daughter, citing “personal health reasons.”

Medical issues have continued to plague both father and daughter, along with Brittany, 37, for a month of what she called “me time” to be checked into a mental health facility in April. In January, the singer canceled her planned “British: Domination” residency at Park MGM in Las Vegas before it began, saying that it was her father, who at the time has a spontaneously ruptured colon that led to multiple surgeries I wanted to be there.

Jamie Spears has been Brittany’s mentor since 2008 after the pop star had a very public mental health meltdown. Since Jamie, 67, his daughter is doing great professionally and personally, by most accounts.

However, Blast reported last week that Jamie was under investigation for child abuse in late August following an alleged physical dispute with grandson Sean Federline. Jamie was murdered with a 13-year-old Sean and 12-year-old Jaden with an anti-domestic violence order to stay away from Federal.

Kevin Federline, the boys’ father, requested the order, Blast said, citing court reports. At the end of August, Brittany and Kevin revised their 50-50 custody agreement, making it 70-30 in Federline’s favor, TMZ reported.

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