Here are five All Elite Wrestling Feuds we want to see after AEW: All Out!
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With both AEW and WWE NXT all set to venture into cable television, comparisons are bound to occur between these two mega-events. AEW has made a lot of history in the past, and now TV fans are hoping it will get hold of its strong rock status. Before AEW: Full Gear makes its debut on TV in November, it’s time to make its mark for the first women’s championship.

AEW: All Out proved to be a major pastime, and the company needs to hold its standard with new upcoming fights to keep viewers glued. Here are five huge Feuds that one can plan out for AEW. A high voltage match between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho may prove to be one of the most talked-about battles. Jericho became AEW’s first heavyweight champion. Jericho can carry on the title’s legacy until it is interfered with by his talk about rival Kenny Omega. The famous feud began between wrestlers when Omega won in January when the pair fought in the Wrestling Kingdom.

Here are five All Elite Wrestling Feuds we want to see after AEW: All Out!
Image Source: NYPost

How about a match between Pac and Cody Rhodes? Pac is one of the AEW matches that made a considerable mark by defeating Kenny Omega. What is so amusing is that Pac came into the competition in a jolt of a moment, as a substitute for John Moxley when he was diagnosed with an infection. Although Pac and Cody Rhodes faced each other in WWE, neither was treated like a star. This fight between the two can definitely give an impetus in their career.

Adam Page may have seen the defeat, and instead, Chris Jericho has crowned the title for the first time, it does not pull down the statue below him being an incredible wrestler. An anticipated fight between Adam Page and MJF could bring a lot of bling and eyes to the new show. A big game between Nyla Rose and the entire women’s division can definitely make waves. Nyla Rose is the most talked-about female wrestler and has won a lot of accolades. Her action on an all-out pay-per-view has put her at the notice of the entire women’s division of AEW. Thus a high drama match between any of the female contenders with Rose would undoubtedly be a big thing.

How can we forget about the two legends of the ring arena John Moxley and current champion Chris Jericho? John Moxley may not be part of the AEW as he was diagnosed with an infection. But the former WWE Heavyweight Champion is still one of the best if not the best. A match between these two mysterious wrestlers will be a “D game” for all AEW fans.

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