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Out of the cat bag people, ‘Shake It Off’ singer Taylor Swift spilled major tea by revealing her most organic diary entries, excerpts of which are available as a 30-page booklet included in the deluxe edition of her ‘Lover’ album. During Lovers Lounge, a live YouTube original event, he takes a closer look at his new album by letting fans understand the story of his development by digging into old magazines. Blonde offers various stories in four different versions of her ‘Lover’ album.

Remember the time when rapper Kanye West hopped on stage to express an uncalled opinion that Beyonce] was one of the best MVs of all time. Was that necessary, Kanye? The cringeable moment happened during the 2009 VMAs which left the ‘Love Story’ singer flick open, and her mouth is slowly opening and closing like a goldfish. Swift was disturbed by Bedardi’s escape. Kim Kardashian did not add fuel to the fire by leaking a video of T-Swift, referring to the pop singer. Swift rebutted from the posting that although he gave Kanye creative control of the song, he never approved of being called “that bitch” in Kanye’s Famous.

Remember when "Kanye West" express "Taylor Swift" is not the right option for "2009 VMA" ??? Taylor replied now through her diary!
Image Source: Union Journalism

Many back and forth have occurred between the pair, but for the first time, we get a peek into Swift’s mental state at that time. The “You Stay With Me” singer wrote in an entry on 18 September 2009, five days after the infamous incident, “Ahh …. things that can change in a week. If you want me to be one of the biggest stars in music One was told he was going to jump on stage and announced that he thought I should not have won live on television, I would have said, ‘that stuff doesn’t happen in real life’ he continued, “Well. …. Evident Clearly ….. it does “.

When Kanye wore the adrenaline rush, he apologized, writing his blog in which he speaks he is sorry to Taylor Swift, her fans and her mother. There is no denying the fact that the ample amount of entertainment we get out of their pranks is priceless.

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