Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities


Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities: They say that there is little spirituality only in the east than west. You can achieve all that you want and scale the mountains of success, but no achievement can be provided in the real and authentic form unless you have discovered yourself.

He said, as West Midas comes with their fair share of the burden, unchecked lifestyles and it is not for Asmanya to hear people ‘completely conspiring their lives’ once they are losing spiritually hollow.

But at the same time, many Western celebrities have found a spiritual or high calling in India and again demanded to start hitting themselves. Some fame has aced heights, and we still do not know who these bright stars are.

Let’s take a look at some Western celebrities, which you probably can not have thought of having a special India connection.


Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

1. Uma Thurman

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Uma Thurman, She is known to be a beautiful beauty goddess who can teach boys to become men. Hottest, charming, and having a career start, such as pulp petals, hit bills, Gattaca, Batman, and Robin, with the hit flicks, there is never a dull moment with Uma Thurman around.

But here is a fascinating fact about these heroines that many of you probably would not have known! Uma’s middle name is Karunanidhi; meaning is compassion and compassion, translation is from Hindi.

His family was genuinely interested in understanding the depth of Hinduism and Buddhism for a long time, and it is considered a Professor of India Tibetan Buddhist Studies, named Uma after the Hindu Goddess of her father, compassion or compassion.

2. Beatles

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Beatles, Back in the sixties, in the rest of the world as in the United Kingdom, these horizontally hairy Liverpool boys became a global sensation and loot records robbed an alcoholic mixture of hit Billboard. The famous “all you need is love,” “love me,” “mother Marie”, “yellow submarine,” “tomorrow” and many more sensational hits, there is a ‘one of spirituality in each of the Beatles’ lives. Verve was there.
In their excitement, around the sixties, the Beatles navigated towards the spiritual east, to find themselves, again and again, to soak spirituality and spirit under the layer of consciousness in India.

The enchanting handsome group of Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison visited Rishikesh, and Maharishi Mahesh took a superb look in the spiritual guidance of Yogi. But as they puffed up some perfect tune amidst the breathtakingly beautiful landscape of the Himalayas, love with India was tainted for a quick result with their guru.

But, less than their spiritual journey in one country, less polluted by the drug of mixed wine mixed with wine, they resumed their music career in England and were re-creating music tunes, thanks to their tenure in India.

3. Ben Kingsley

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Ben Kingsley, Here’s a documentary of nearly 100 documentary a veteran/ commercial/art house movies, who made a name for himself as an actor able to pull very intensely versatile roles. His rising silence speaks more than a thousand words loudly, and when a Gujarati father and a British mother talks to a man, you can not help but look at his intense eyes and behold the pure magic!

Many do not know that Ben Kingsley’s real name is Krishna Pandit niece.

And she is a native of Gujarat on behalf of her father. It is ironic that, like a man, we bow down to playing godly letters, “Schindler’s list” actually went down; a gentleman comes closer to the equality: Mahatma Gandhi

But there is more to you than the Kingsley India connection. In 2007, he had a film with Aishwarya Rai, titled “Last Army.” He has also been awarded Padma Shri in 1984 after his masterful acting in ‘Gandhi.’

4. Steve Jobs

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Steve Jobs, It’s a sensational man to create a new wave of sensation spreading smartphones and gadgets. Curious, supremely intelligent, kind and an original inventor, it could be said ‘I’ was a daunting tone of Steve Jobs’ jobs toward self-discovery in an iPhone.
But long ago, the way he founded Apple, employed as an employee of the video game firm, Attari visited India with a friend Dan Kottke.

He spent months traveling across north India from 1974-76 to discover what many phones searched for themselves. Always dizzy by Eastern philosophers, Steve Jobs was a thinking man and an enthusiastic fan of India.

He also said that in a bid to connect with his spiritual self and consciousness, he visited the famous Neem Karoli Baba in North India. As a great booster in our establishment of the cult brand as Steve’s tenure in many India, we know today as Jai Ho.

5. Tulsi Gabbard

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Tulsi Gabbard, She is an honest, scholar and dynamic American Congresswoman. An intelligent thinker and a highly acclaimed American of Indian origin, Tulsi Gabbard recently made news after sharing his insights on Bhagwad Geeta.

In January 2015, Tulsi took oath as Gita on the Gita as an American Congresswoman; he came to know, “This is the right textbook for those trying for ‘servants’ leaders.

Tulsi has gone from the teachings of majestic spiritual texts; Tulsi has added that Lord Krishna’s teachings and its meaning on life became the foundation of the beginning of both the personal and professional front in his life.

Tulsi Gabbard’s very vocal appreciation Geeta ignited a new wave of interest in America towards the sacred Indian text.


6. Padma Lakshmi

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Padma Lakshmi, Most know him like a hot and desirable ex-partner of Ace writer Salman Rushdie. Many of the others have an estimated stylish trick on a red carpet occasion. But between the famous Indians settled in the west, the name of Padma Lakshmi is the euphemism for both style and drunkenness.
45-year-old Chennai Jum is a successful actress, model, writer, and television host, the most famous for her first cookbook, “Easy Foreigner.”

In addition to the most famous mothers in the west, Padma Lakshmi won back worldwide fame in 1999 when her cookbook won the Gourmand World Cookbook Award. After years break, he topped the top of the 2010 Chef, a television program that won an Emmy-competition event for outstanding reality.

7. Radha Mitchell

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Radha Mitchell, The Australian team has given India a high estimate for many reasons. Some of us fall in love with our simple charm; others are dominated by the aroma of traditions and culture. Actress Radha Mitchell’s name stands bright in many Australians who have demanded in a home away from home in India.

Most know him only as Radha, but his full name is Radha Rani Amber Indigo Ananda Mitchell.
Spiritually leaned rearing, Melbourne actress sees Lord Krishna as a continuous source of inspiration in life.

But for Manjari, efforts can be made with romance, fortune sports with India. Back in 2009, the film ‘The Waiting City,’ Manjari got an opportunity to spend a lot of time in Kolkata, and the nature of the story drew him all closer to a country that is called as a feeling of publicity and unity That he can not get anywhere else

8. Julia Roberts

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Julia Roberts, There is only one way to describe this American sweetheart: An acting guru. The glowing star of “Pelican Brief,” “Eric Brockovich” in the tough force, inspiring figure in “Mona Lisa Smile,” Julia Roberts unfurl pure acting charisma, and both can sweep you with your feet and make an indelible impression at the time of watching your movie At the same time.

It is worth noting that Roberts is a peaceful face that the sense of silence shines around that the narrative of material drama beats around if you think it is tempting to think about it. And just what can Roberts be held accountable for charisma?

Well, she is an alive yogi who has to swell in the dress of an actress. Julia Roberts loves India, Hinduism, our culture and what she is as our ‘infallible beautiful aroma’ that can not be found anywhere else in India. He has visited Mahakumbh fair in his past and is known forever since shooting “Eat, Prayer and Love” scenes, India has a short-term affection with India that has continued to the present day.

9. Carlos Santana

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Carlos Santana, To create much music, but Carlos creates magic in Santana playing their form of music. He is a soul-stirring musician who will be well branded as the greatest musician of the century since Jimi Hendrix has left for the sky.

But in the 70’s, Carlos Santana came to India with their fanfare and sought the blessings of Mr. Chinmay, who, with spiritual insight, anointed the “black magic woman” star and named them as “Devadip Carlos Santana’s”Gave.

The legend is that the saints were introduced to Swami Chinmaya by fellow musician and friend, John McLaughlin. Angels were shown a spiritual path which encouraged the use of alcohol and drugs and encouraged music and poetry as a sense of gratitude to God.
And if you slice the music of saints in your deep enchanting layers, you’ll search the above.

10. Elizabeth Gilbert

Indian Roots With Ten International Celebrities

International Celebrities Elizabeth Gilbert, If you are interested in reading away and someone who is fond of stories based on spiritual sojourns or self-discovery, then chances are you must have heard of a sure Elizabeth Gilbert.

Best known for his best-selling fate, “Prayer Love Eat,” graduated from New York University, enjoyed a beautiful self-exploration work in India.

Before she had written her widely acclaimed mantra, Gilbert spent three months in India where she traveled, found her way while living in a distant village in meditation and spirituality. It is rumored that during this tenure the author converted into Hinduism.

Well, all one can gather that such a magnetic attraction for the western countries of India is that instead, you will find yourself here in India to being self-centered by the madness of the rest of the world. ( Source )

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