Does Drinking a Cold Drink Or Ice Cream Cool You Down?
Ice Cream

Does Drinking a Cold Drinks Or Ice Cream Cool You Down?: Worldwide summer activities, cold drinks and, of course, have become synonymous with ice cream. While most of us agree ice cream and cold drinks are behaving in the refreshing summer, they help us calm down?

To test whether they do, we need to know more about a bit about how the body controls the temperature in different environments. The process of maintaining the optimal body temperature is called thermoregulation, which involves a delicate balance between production and losing heat.

Humans have scientific methods of hot blood or endotherms, which is what we can control independent of our body’s temperature environment. We can do this because our bodies are continuously producing heat as a product of internal chemical processes (metabolism) by one.

Does Drinking a Cold Drinks Or Ice Cream Cool You Down?

Does Drinking a Cold Drinks Or Ice Cream Cool You Down?
Cold Drinks

Cold Drinks: How it all works

Metabolism is essential for keeping our body working properly. It includes digestion processes involved in breaking down nutrients in the diet, absorption and transformation of those nutrients to cells and their conversion of energy into building blocks or physical activity.

It is beneficial to heat when it is cold, but when the temperature rises, we need to avoid overheating. Although it may seem logical that something cool, like ice cream, in the abdomen, should help in reducing the temperature, starting its initial cooling effect, rapidly for the digestion, the need to break down the nutrients in the ice cream. There is space. The body temperature increases by digesting the calorie content.

So ice cream is not the best choice to cool down, but what about cold drinks? The heat transfer between a cold drink and digestive system can directly affect the temperature. But, it is only transient and depends on the quantity and heat content of the liquid used.

A small amount of liquid will soon lose its cooling effect as it becomes heated by the surrounding organs. And due to slowing blood flow to large amounts of freezing fluid, heat transport will be less active.

As you can imagine, beverages with a high calorific content in the form of soft drinks will have similar effects in the form of ice cream, and kick our metabolism shortly after starting the bribe.

But i Feel Cooler

The cooling effect of cooling fluid is more likely to be explained by their regulating fact. If the heat produces, the body will try to lose excess heat by transporting this vital part to the surface of the skin where it is transmitting directly to our environment through convection and radiation.

To be for this, the ambient temperature needs to be lower than our temperature, or vice versa and heat will move to our body. Just like heat from sunlight during summer days.

Sweat is the most effective way to lose body heat. Sweat occurs when the rise in temperature of the main body is detected by the brain, which reacts by stimulating sweat glands distributed on all body to produce sweat.

Sweat on the surface of the skin evaporates, the reason for cooling the skin (also called evaporative cooling). The blood that is flowing close to the surface of the skin cools down in the process and helps reduce the core temperature.

On average, an adult can lose half or a litre of sweat every day, but in warmer environments, it can grow up to one litre and one-half hour. This is why it is essential to keep the body hydrated during hot weather.

A different perspective

What about alcoholic beverages? Many people reach for a cold beer on hot summer in an attempt to cool. But alcohol is a diuretic, which means it will lose your body with water and will reduce your ability to lose heat through perspiration.

Surprisingly, hot drinks can be a great way to keep you fresh. Although counter-intuitive, a hot drink causes your mouth and throat receptors to drink, triggers a sweat reaction, allows to calm your body without ingesting a large amount of hot liquid. The active ingredient in spicy food is the same effect; They also trigger a sweat reaction that allows the body to cool down. This is why these types of diets are popular in hot weather.

So, while cold treats can be satisfactory and are refreshing, a better way to cool down is to make spice things, but get your sweat and most important, rehydrate!

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