WWE Superstar Seth Rollins says 'I'd love to perform in India
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The pro-wrestler Seth Rollins speaks about his upcoming title match with Brock Lesnar and develops as an artist over the years.

He’s is the new face of WWE – and unabashedly loves being like this. After turning pro-wrestlers like many more in the name of the house with Rock, John Cena, Batista, Triple H and their pay-per-view special and final Hollywood movie deals, WWE has really hit gold with Seth Rollins: charismatic As a genuine artist (and controversial), they come in, with their assertive opinion on social media or another supportive wrestler Becky Lynch, current raw women’s champion dating.

Since 2012, when Seth Rollins is made as part of a wrestling faction, friends with Dean Ambrose and Roman Raj made his main roster debut Shield, he has the power to earn a huge fan base across the world including India. Has gone.

33-year-old Seth Rollins is currently preparing for one of the biggest matches of his career: A battle to gain his WWE Universal Championship belt, next month in the upcoming SummerSlam event in Toronto. He will face long nemesis, and someone considers that he “belittle” carrying the belt: the modern-day legend, 42-year-old Brock Lesnar in the field, is well known for wrestling fans around the world.

Talking to us as it gives away its title from the steam before the match, Seth Rollins is as calm and lover as ever (it is clear why WWE wants it as a spokesperson for the brand) But it is clear that behind all dazzle and glamor that comes with the profession, he has only one thing on his mind: victory.

Seth Rollins: Can you please tell us about your upcoming SummerSlam match for the Universal Championship?

I have already shown the world I can beat Lesnar when I won the title in WrestleMania 35 against him, and I can do it again. After that, in the WWE Extreme Rules, Lesnar Bank cashed in my money in the contract when I had just emerged from a fierce battle to take advantage of me and literally stole back the belt. Now you tell me, is such a victory of a champion befitting?

No child in the world wants to become a ‘Brock Lesnar.’ He may be a great wrestler/artist, but he does not inspire anyone, there is nothing for the brand or business, and most of all, he is a terrific champion.

WWE Superstar Seth Rollins says 'I'd love to perform in India
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Seth Rollins: Your relationship with Becky Lynch makes you one of the most popular on-screen/ off-screen couples in sports entertainment today.

I am so fortunate to perform in every event with the love of my life and share all the different emotions that accompany him to be a pro wrestler. He is one of the most talented artists on the planet today, and you are going to see him a lot more.

How important is social media presence for athletes/artists these days? Seth Rollins You are very active on twitter and often engage in criticism.

This is a great tool, but we also need to be careful about how we use it. We can be as real as possible and try to interact with fans, in addition to some signals given to us by WWE. But this is frustrating sometimes, I agree, when negativity and trolling gets for you. I mean, I come from a generation that did not have the internet as a child, and maybe I still do not get it.

But some of the issues that the proportions are blown out of online confuse me: Reshites petition for a game of throne across the world like fans because they did not like closing? This is ridiculous!

What would be your dream match, perhaps with a WWE legend?

Certainly Heartbreak Kids Shawn Michaels! I have grown up worshiping him, and this one of my dreams will be with him in the ring, either for a special or if he wants me to wrestle for a title.

How has your wrestling ‘character and personality’ changed over the last few years?

In the past seven years, I have not only improved my skills, but my ‘story’ and ‘arcs’ are also continually evolving in the show. It is important for an artist. WWE is the best wrestling platform and business in the world, and this is why we are so kind and knocking our competition dead every time!

Are you interested in a movie career like many other WWE superstars?

I have previously acted in a WWE production and enjoyed it. Look, I’m a wrestler first and most important, and that’s what I want to focus on. If any exciting opportunities from Hollywood come my way, I would be happy to take it. But my priority is WWE and is making a bigger brand than ever before.

Do you have any idea of the fan following you enjoy in India? Even small cities here boast of fans who sport your posters and T-shirts, and stay up to watch your matches.

Oh man, this is what makes our life worth. Listening to that, millions of fans are supporting us millions of miles is special. There will be a great place to perform in India, and I am aware of the plans that WWE is an event for us at some stage there. Until then, I hope our fandom stays as strong as ever!