Screenwriter Dylan Meyer Is Guessed To Be The New Girlfriend Of Kristen Stewart!
Image Credit: Union Journalism

Less than a month ago, Kristen Stewart appeared back in Italy with former Stella Maxwell. Now the actress is closing her lips with a fresh galley, writer Dylan Meyer when it comes to the life of Kristen Stewart, it’s hard to figure out who her recent leader is.

It certainly seemed that he was back with his former Stella Maxwell, 29 after he reunited in May and was photographed on a yacht in Italy on 18 July. Now she is in the arms of a fresh woman, Dylan Meyer, a screenwriter. The two went to be photographed at a New York City shop on August 15, and the two women were seen looking quite hot.

They both sat closely with Dylan holding Kristen’s hand in one spot when they both checked their phones. Then the passion broke out as Kristen, 29, reached face and kissed Dylan. Finally, Shastri of the K Stew Miss 2059 TV series placed her other hand completely around the neck and brought her even closer as they opened up.

Whether Kristen and Dylan is a hot fresh couple or a pleasant summer kick is uncertain. They walked around the city, stopping to take some quiet drinks and cuddling inside the cafe. Kristen held the accessories chic and cool in a loose yellow T-shirt and Daisy Duke at her feet with a pair of black boots. While she was wearing sunglasses, there was no mistake with her brief dark brown hair bleached in tips by the dyed blonde Charlie’s Angels star.

It looked so promising that after two years of a breakdown in October, the 2018 Kashmir-Steve and Victoria Secret Stella reconcile together. Kristen went to a dating blogger stylist Sara Dinkin from December 2018 to April 2019. 1975 On April 12, during the Coachella festival, Kristen was found sharing a steamy kiss. But Sara was out of the picture a month later, and Kristen and Stella were shot for a walk on May 20 in the La Los Feliz district. By July, they appear as if they had been photographed with a bikini, watching a yacht off the coast of Italy and cuddling closer together. Now Kristen kisses Dylan in NYC so the only thing is that K Stew has a very good life of love.

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