‘Resident Evil: The Final Chapter’ Stuntwoman Sues Over Career-Ending On-Set Stunt Results In Severe Injuries
Source; USA Today

A stunt double who suffered serious injuries while filming a motorcycle stunt for the 2016 “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter” stated that he had not received the need for medical assistance and the film’s producers sued.

Olivia Jackson was a stunt double for star Milla Jovovich, who plays Alice, while filming a scene in South Africa in 2015, she crashed into a motorcycle she was riding in a camera that was not picked up in time There was a stunt scene with it, as it was planned, according to a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The lawsuit states Olivia “suffered serious injuries,” had her left arm amputated and “had to be placed in a coma while doctors performed life-saving surgery.” The manufacturer broke its promise to pay medical costs, the suit says.

The production company effects pictures as two producers, Paul Anderson, and Jeremy Bolt, who also wrote and directed the film, are named in Sue.

The lawsuit details of the incident stated, Olivia was scheduled to film a fight scene, but revised the work to a last-minute change to “a dangerous and complex motorcycle scene in adverse weather conditions.”

The camera attached to a crane that was supposed to lift as Olivia did not lift it at the time, “ending up in a dangerous accident,” according to the lawsuit.

Olivia’s lawyer, Stuart Fraenkel, says his client experiences severe pain and needs surgery that would cost $ 750,000 to $ 1 million and lost him his livelihood. Civil lawsuits in California do not list the amount demanded for a dollar, his lawyer said.

Resident Evil is the final chapter in the “Final Chapter,” “Resident Evil” franchise, which was the sixth and final film worldwide to gross over $ 300 million, according to Box Office Mojo.

As reported in the lawsuit, the plaintiffs did not provide adequate insurance coverage and the total available for Olivia, a former model, was about $ 33,000, just a fraction of her medical costs. The coverage limit for stuntwomen’s income loss was “a measly $ 992.”

The lawsuit states that the plaintiff failed to provide adequate insurance, as agreed, Olivia broke an oral agreement to cover medical expenses and lost income and also to cover medical costs. Olivia agreed to delay taking legal action, hoping for promised financial support, the suit says.

Olivia, who was scheduled to serve as a stunt double for “Wonder Woman”, was in South Africa when a “final chapter” stuntwoman was injured.

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