Michael Fassbender Says Casting Rumors About Taika Waititi's soccer movie Next Goal Wins, Collider has confirmed
Source: The Atlanta Business Journal

Two-time Oscar nominee Michael Fassbender is in final talks for the star in the Fox Searchlight dramedy “Next Goal Wins,” which Taika Waititi will direct.

The film is based on the 2015 documentary “Next Goal Wins,” which depicts the true story of Dutch coach Thomas Rongen, who wants the almost impossible task of turning the American Samoa football team from perennial losers into winners.

The documentary presented its world premiere at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival and won Best Documentary at the British Independent Film Awards that year. Waititi is a feature adaptation with Iain Morris.

The Kiwi filmmaker wrote the screenplay with Ian Morris, set to produce alongside Jonathan Cavendish, Brett and Jamison. Also presenting will be Garrett Basch and Andy Serkis, whose Imaginarium Productions initially opted for the Doctor’s rights.

Fassbender will perform the role of the coach while casting calls Fa’afafine have gone out for the actors to play the role of team members.

Waititi and Searchlight are preparing for the release of the upcoming Nazi Germany satire Jojo Rabbit, who recently hooked up in Toronto. Waititi recently signed back for “Thor: Love and Thunder,” which earned her the attention of Warner Bros. But the size of the anime adaptation would not give him enough time to focus on “Thor,” which forced him to postpone his “Akira” film, which Marvel required him to shoot at the top of 2020.

Garrett Basch is producing the Fox Searchlight film, as are Jonathan Cavendish and Andy Serkis through their Imaginarium banner. Mike Brett and Steve Jamison, who directed the Doctor, will also be producing.

Fassbender is a great actor when he’s worked with good material, as evidenced by his performance in Steve Jobs and Shame, So Hopefully, Waititi Feels Good Story allows him to play some new notes, Because he needs to re-capture his mojo and fast.

Michael Fassbender, who is repped by CAA, Troika and Sloane’s proposal, was seen reprising his role of Magneto in the previous X-Men film “Dark Phoenix” and is now set for the comic action thriller “Kung Rage 2.”

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